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Introduction About AW8 Privacy Policy

AW8 is the safest and most secure platform for gambling, which completely respects all the users' privacy. The company will never ever try to break or compromise the privacy of its users. All the details that the users upload on the website always remain in the safe hands of the AW8 system.

By the privacy statement, it is clear that AW8 is committed to keeping the privacy of its users secure and safe. There will never be any instance on the website that your details will be compromised. 

This is why the AW8 welcomes the users to upload all their information of them here because AW8 is also giving a guarantee of keeping it safe and secure.

Through this page, you will be getting all the information related to the privacy of the confidential data, which is generally uploaded on the website for gaming purposes. This page will also provide you with information related to all other data present on the website.

It is hereby informed to all the users that by no means AW8 will be sharing any kind of user information with anyone. AW8 is also responsible for using confidential information only for gambling purposes. Anyone can contact us at any time to get more privacy information.

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Online Gambling’s Legal Terms In Singapore

It is to inform all the users that online gambling is banned in Singapore, but still, there is no set of rules against it. There is no legislation against this, due to which the company has created a website for online gambling

Anyone can play the games here without any kind of risk, and you will not face any kind of issue in it. Although not legal but still AW8 has all the licenses and necessary documentation to arrange online gambling. 

It is of great interest that it is doing this with complete success without any kind of issue.

Use Of Personal Data

Let us tell you how the company uses your personal data. The following are some of the reasons why your data is collected and used:

  • In order to collect the feedback about the performance and working of the website and other operations
  • In order to send the advertisement and promotional content to the users
  • Making the services better after taking the feedback
  • Sending the newsletters to the users
  • Improve the user experience by collecting the feedback


Let us tell you about the cookies. These are the files which are saved on your device when you visit some website. The AW8 also stores cookies on your system through its website. The point here is that it is only done to see what kind of content you want on the website.

So the cookies are only stored on the system to improve the user experience. Once the cookie is stored, the website will come to know about your preferences. 

In this way, you will be shown the content which is as per your preference. You will not have to spend time on the search.

Data Security

AW8 has a commitment that it is responsible for all kinds of security for the data uploaded on the website. The data is uploaded for various purposes like gaming, money transactions etc, and the company is responsible for all kinds of such data. 

You will never face any kind of issue related to compromised information or data. It is recommended to all the users to not share their data with any third party member by using any channel. 

But if you share the data with a third party through the website, the company will not be responsible for the security of that data. If anything happens with the data, the company will not be liable for any claim.

General Terms And Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions between the website and the users. The whole relationship between the two parties has been created through these terms. 

All the users will have to agree to these terms; otherwise, a relation cannot be created.

  • All the data which is available on the website comes under the ownership of the company. No one is allowed to copy this particular data.
  • Only the website management has the right to make any changes to the website. No user will make any attempt to change anything on the website.
  • All the users are advised to show the behaviour of respect to the management of the website and other users. Failing to do so can lead to the termination of the agreement.
  • AW8 has all the rights to deactivate your account in case of any cheating or hacking attempt.
  • It is strictly prohibited for the users to make duplicate accounts; otherwise, all the accounts of any such user will be deactivated.
  • All the users are instructed to use the website only for entertainment purposespurposes. Any other purpose for using the website is not allowed.
  • The company has all the rights to end any kind of available game and add any new one.
  • The company will not be responsible for any kind of money lost during the game.
  • The company has all the rights to share the user’s information with law enforcement agencies in case the user is cheating with the system.
  • The users have all the rights to temporarily deactivate their accounts.
  • The users also have the right to leave the platform by permanently deactivating the accounts.
  • In case any user wants to deactivate the account, they can contact customer support at any time.
  • The company has all the rights to reverse the decision if your winning has happened due to any fault of the machine.
  • If it is found in any future time that you are less than the legal age, the company will have all the rights to permanently deactivate your casino account.
  • Inactivity of more than 12 months on the casino can lead to the reactivity of the account. The company has all the right to do it.
  • If player is getting any issue of internet while gaming, the company will not be responsible for any such issue.

Acceptance Of Terms

If you are registering yourself here on the website, then it will mean that you have agreed to all the terms and conditions. You can check the terms and conditions at any time, and you can also discontinue the process if you are not good with them.

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AW8 offer wide range of highest quality gaming products to our players. Our Customer Support Team us available to assist you 24 hours a day. All personal information will be treated and stored at the strictest and most confidential way.
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