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Terms & Conditions

Amendment Terms

AW8 has all the right to make any kind of amendment to the terms and conditions. All the users must agree to this point, and if some user believes that this is not right. They have all the right to leave the platform or discontinue their journey.

It is always recommended that users check the company's website from time to time. In this way, they will get to know about any kind of changes.

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AW8 is actually the service providing company, and it is providing its services in the field of gambling and betting. All the services provided by the AW8 are affordable and as per the standards of the market rates.

Property Rights

It is to inform all the readers that AW8 has rights over each and every content and information uploaded on the website. This information and content may include videos, games, blogs, designs, logos, advertisements, etc. 

AW8 has all the rights over all this information, and no one can reproduce or copy the content from the website.

Liability Limitations

It is to inform you that AW8 is only responsible for the data shared on the website. If any person shares any data with any third party, AW8 will not be responsible for it. 

In case any damage or loss happens to the user as a result of third party data sharing, AW8 will not take responsibility for that.

The users are advised not to share the information in the form of any content like third party contacts or hyperlinks. This could lead to serious damage and loss, and AW8 will not cover it. The users will be exclusively responsible for that.

User Content Conditions

It is strictly prohibited for the users to copy or share any content or data which is available on the website. It is not allowed for users to take or share the data through chats or comments on other channels.

All the data which has been uploaded on the website comes under the ownership of the company. The users are also not allowed to take any kind of copyrighted data which has been made patented by the company. 

Sharing any such data will be contrary to the policies of AW8. Any damage or loss to the data will result in the termination of the website.

It is also to inform the users that you are strictly not allowed to interfere or interrupt the website's operations through any kind of hacking attempts. You are not allowed to share any kind of virus files with the site, which could lead to hacking. 

Any such action will result in the termination of the user. Moreover, the website is also not responsible for posting any kind of data on the website. 

If you are sharing any data with the company, there is no fixed set of rules that it will be posted on the website. The ownership is completely under the AW8, and it has all the rights to make any amendment or change to the website.

User Representation And Prohibited Content

All the users are strictly advised to follow all the rules and regulations of the website. This website is purely dedicated to gambling and betting content. 

The user should only use the website for the purpose of online casino use and gambling. In case the website is used for any other purpose, the user will be responsible for that.

It is to inform the users that the data uploaded on the website don't need to be completely legal and under the law. There are chances that the country of your residence does not allow such kind of data in your region. So the company does not take any responsibility for the legality of the data.

It is a fact that gambling could cause risk to your money and could result in money loss. The company does not take any kind of responsibility for your money. 

You will be investing all your assets at your own risk, and the company will not be liable in case of any monetary loss. The website is open for visits, but the user will have to make sure that they will not get involved in any kind of unlawful activity. 

You are not allowed to strive for content theft, design theft or any kind of such incident. In case any user does this, it will completely be against the policies of the company.

The users are also advised not to do anything that brings a bad name to the AW8 reputation. AW8 is operating in the best legal way and has uploaded the original data. No user should try to make any kind of activity that cause a bad reputation to AW8.

Copyright Infringement Policy

The company strictly adhered to its privacy policy and will not tolerate anything against the privacy matters. No user should try to do any kind of harm to the intellectual property of the website. If anyone does this, it will be a clear violation of the company's policy.

In case any user finds infringement, they will have to share all kinds of information like the location of data, subject material and legal proof with the company. After that, the company will make a complete inquiry.

Agreement Termination

If any user does not accept any term and condition of the company, the agreement between the company and the user will be terminated. 

The user should read the terms and conditions on a regular basis so that they can change their mind in case of any change in the policy. Once they do not accept the terms, the agreement will be terminated at the time.

By accepting the terms and conditions, the users are actually accepting that they do not have any kind of issue with the terms and conditions of the company. 

They accept all the terms with an open heart. The users have all the rights to not accept the terms in any case and at any time.


These terms and conditions actually set the base of the relationship between the company and the users. The whole relationship is standing on these terms, which the users can review at any time. 

The company is accepting good terms with all the users without any discrimination.

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